Why i stopped posting my artwork on Facebook.

I was scrolling the other day,,, As many of us find ourselves doing in increasingly terrifyingly frequency and i began to pay attention to the voice in my head as i read through the days posts.

I'm so mad, i'm so sad, it hurts to live, my anxiety got the best of me again. LOOK AT MY BABY... LOOK AT MY CAT! ....Your baby is beautiful and your cat is cute as hell but it would still try to eat you if you didn't move to feed it for a few days.

My point is, that we need to be careful about what we subject ourselves to.and in the same light, careful about what we unwittingly subject others to by our actions. I love sharing my artwork with people, i do so in hopes that it moves them in their lives some way, I have been creating for as long as i can remember and i have shared every bit of it with the world for free. Though it has been fulfilling to a great degree.I think its about time i see if my work can stand on its own, or if you, the people that have followed me this far, the people i work to create for ...would you show me that appreciation of a dollar?

I am launching this site with a campaign! I want o find 100 people who will pledge $1 a month to keep me creating, 100 people to watch, and to help harness this creative energy..

The first 100 subscribers to this site will be able to lock in the price of $1 per month for entry level membership! A value of exponential worth.

Thank you

-Be kind to yourself

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