The cross country bike path and it’s proximity to national forests

It’s been said that there is a bike path under construction that will span the entirety of the United States. As an avid camper with a tendency to avoid hotels at all cost my first question is how are people traveling this trail allowed to rest?

Is it ok to pull off to the side and set up for some low impact camping along the way? Upon overlaying the map of the path with another map of the national parks I found on google it almost seams that the path avoids the forests as much as possible.

At first I though maybe it’s a conspiracy to feed hotels across the nation with a new revenue source but then I remember something I heard when the path was first coming under construction.

I’m not sure this applies to this path but the story I heard is that these bike paths are being made from the trails already laid out by railroads that over the years have become unused. With that it’s no surprise that the trail avoids national parks, they were once protected swaths if land left to nature for the enjoyment of all. Hopefully this path will bring people closer to nature so that more might learn the importance of conservation.

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