My Short Stint as a Band Photographer

Bassist in black

Something interesting happens when your out at the local show, arriving as the first band is setting up. You have a camera in your hands, and for some reason, due to some higher power, cultural conditioning, or just plain old empathetic understanding of what its like when someone blocks that perfect shot.

The seas of people part to allow your camera through, along with its valet, you. I've always taken it as a show of respect not towards myself, or out of politeness, but out of the love of music to the band and those that work to promote them. I've had the pleasure of experiencing some really great moments of the music scene here in Fort Wayne, IN. If you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor, get into the show, stand up front. Don't be afraid to ask for ear plugs, its most likely the bartenders are adults and keep some behind the bar because they want to be able to hear in their 40's.

Grand Mammoth Bassist @The Brass Rail, Fort Wayne IN

Grand Mammoth

These guys put on one hell of a show, at very least by the end of the show, i knew the band name was a perfect fit. It was Grungy, it was loud, of mammoth proportions, and dammit was it grand. Check them out, they have some stuff on you tube.I c ant quite remember who they played with that night, its been quite a while since the show. All i know is that night both bands were on it..... On second though, i couldn't let that sit. It was only a short bit of research later I found exactly who played that night. Grand Mammoth, Wild Savages, and The Be Colony. I would have photos of all three if it weren't for the death of an old hard drive. Ill catch em next time and share the story with you, or you can go out and catch em yourself.

Thank you Grand Mammoth, never stop making music

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