A note to self

I am sorry my friend, I have done you a great disservice.

In my laziness I have neglected all that makes us who we are.  The writing turned inward to thought and contemplation.  Now here we are at the end of a long period of extended adolescence. Time to act. The world is in to dire a state to sit idly by and longer. We must educate ourselves and others. Educate all around you of everything truly important. If you do not know what ghat is find it. If you do not find it make it, and if you cannot make it find someone who can help you.

Write the story every day to the best of your ability. What is the purpose you wonder? Do it for you, for science if nothing else. Document your perspective on life.  So that one day as people ride the waves of time, those who are curious to know, might know just how this pebble fell.

... Im pretty sure i wrote this as a note to myself... Throughout life sometimes its a battle to stick to the path. maybe the key is to be ready to find a new path when necessary. I can remember years drifting by totally, ignorant to the start of the world around me. Each day that goes by we burn through resources at an exponential rate. Each night we light a candle in memory of old and comfrtable, blissful ignorant times. A candle that one day might be the last.

Here i make mention of the issue in hopes of finding a way that we can use, art and creativity to help our planet. at very least we can raise awareness.

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